Hi Sarah. Are you feeling Christmassy yet?Definitely. I’m someone who really really likes Christmas. Although it’s a little bit annoying when the adverts start at the beginning of November. So I kind of ignore it for the first couple of weeks, and then start to embrace it.So when does Christmas get going for you?It depends on the year, because we traditionally do Christmas shows – not every year, but quite often – and until they’re done and finished3d排列三试机号金码 , I can’t switch into the other gear properly.You’re doing a Christmas show this year. Will you be doing festive covers?Oh yeah! We’re going to do another version of Driving Home for Christmas. You know, Chris Rea. We normally do it acoustic and a bit pared-back, but I think we’re going for a full-on version this year – giving it everything.Apart from your own shows, what Christmas events are you looking forward to? Umm. I live in a village, and it’s a bit like The Archers, really.Is there a local panto?Yes, there is. It’s normally based on traditional pantos, but the characters are also based on people in the village. The last time they did it, I was brought up in it quite a lot.Was someone else playing a character based on you?Yes. He even borrowed a sequinned dress and a feather boa from me. And my husband was in it, and he’s in it again this year, although he keeps missing rehearsals. He’s got a dance routine, I think.What are you doing on Christmas Day?I’m hosting Christmas here. It’s quite a big family event – some of my husband’s family, and then my mum and her partner, and a few waif-and-stray friends. We have friends from Brooklyn, and they come over and stay every year. So it’s always quite busy, but I quite like that. We always play lots of games after lunch on Christmas Day and it can get a bit bawdy and go on quite late.What’s the best film that only gets shown around Christmas?We love Elf. Have you seen Elf? I love Elf.Are you going to see the live production of Elf?Is there a live one? Oh there is! I’ve seen it on a bus. I don’t want to spoil it to be honest. I think it’s Will Ferrell or nothing.What’s the strangest gift you’ve received for Christmas?A friend of my mum’s bought me a black, full-length, long-sleeved thermal nightdress, which, when it’s on, is a bit like Cruella de Vil or something. Plus it’s boiling hot.Do you know why she sent that?Maybe she didn’t realise it was a nightdress and thought it was for going out. Or perhaps she thought I might wear it for Halloween.Are you good at buying presents?It depends if we’re doing shows. I’ve already started buying presents for my kids because I’ve got rehearsals for dates of my own and Saint Etienne dates. I thought if I don’t get moving it’s all going to come at me in a big wave because I’ve got tons of godchildren, nieces and nephews, friends’ children – what’s really good is that it’s pretty much all kids that I have to buy for, which is nice.Do you have a default gift for a kid you don’t know that much about?Umm ... stripy gloves. I think anyone would welcome a pair of stripy gloves.Saint Etienne are hosting Christmas specials in Gateshead, Manchester, Wakefield and Croydon, 8-11 December.